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Elder & Sister Jensen in Perth, Australia




This is a talk from a recent convert sister in Australia.

Good morning brothers and sisters. I have been asked to speak today about missionaries. As I was preparing for this talk I found it difficult to decide what direction to take. The topic of emissionariesf is vast and there are so many wonderful experiences I have had with missionaries that I didnft know where to start. I felt that I needed to talk about the Spirit. I have been learning myself to listen more closely to the Spirit and it made me think about the first time I felt it. Ifd like to start with a story about my first encounter with the church. About four years ago I was living just down from the chapel on Preston Point Road.  

I was in my garage with my son when two young men dressed in suits approached me. They introduced themselves and said they were from a church that I had never heard of. Being that I was back then, a religious skeptic, I was not really interested in hearing what they had to say. I politely told them this and expected them to turn around and walk away. Instead these two young men offered to help me. They asked if perhaps they could do some gardening for me, help me with my shopping. I declined their offer and wished them well and went back inside. They were so polite and kind and I remember thinking it was odd that even though I had not wished to hear their message, they still offered their service to me, a stranger.  

At that particular time in my life things were not going well. I felt very alone and these two strangers that had offered to help me left quite an impression. About a week later the two young men came back. I was secretly delighted to see them again but confused as to why they had returned. A part of me wanted to hear what they had to say. They asked me how my week had been and again offered to help me out. As I had done the first time I declined all of their offers and said that I was not really at all interested. They were polite, handed me a card and invited me to contact them if I needed anything. 

I remember going inside after they had left and I burst into tears. I didnft know why I was so affected by their visit but I was. It didnft add up to me that two complete strangers would offer to help and even after being rejected, come back again.   

Although I never contacted them their two visits stuck with me. It wasnft until a year or so ago that I realised that these two kind men were missionaries. That they were from a church that I am now a member of; serving their mission at a chapel that I was married and baptised in and now attend each Sunday.  

I donft remember the missionaries names but I do know that Heavenly Father sent them to my door, twice because he knew that I needed them. And even though they did not teach me any of the discussions something about them stayed with me. It was as though, through the power of the Spirit, they had opened a place in my heart that made me realise that something was missing. I believe that they listened to the Spirit. They realised that I was not ready to listen to the Gospel at that time. So instead of turning around and walking away they offered service. Not once, but twice. Their offer to help was powerful and touched my heart. Heavenly Father knew what I needed and when I needed it and these missionaries, serving the Lord, listened to the Spirit. The impact those missionaries had on me may have seemed somewhat insignificant to them at the time. Ifm quite sure that they are completely unaware of the tremendous effect they had on my life.

Looking back on it I realise that it was at that point that my conversion started. Leading up to my baptism I was concerned. A week before my baptism date I had a conversation with my husband that I was worried that I didnft know enough to be baptised. He tried to reassure me that I didnft need to know the Bible and the Book of Mormon word for word in order to be baptised. It didnft matter what he said I still felt uneasy. The next morning we went out and when we returned home Elder and Sister Jensen, missionaries from Utah had left a copy of one of the General Conference talks on our front porch. I picked up the paper and read the heading of the talk. I was overcome. My whole body felt like it was burning hot and tears streamed down my face. The talk was by Elder Neil L Anderson and it was titled You Know Enough. It was no coincidence that they had picked that talk to give to me. They had listened to the Spirit and felt impressed to offer those words to me at that time. Again, Heavenly Father had directed them through the Spirit to provide me with what I needed most at that time.  

Missionaries are a wonderful blessing that the Lord has given to us. Through the power of the Spirit they are able to teach the Gospel and to give people, like myself an opportunity to be a part of the Lordfs Kingdom. I feel very blessed to be standing here today, as a member of this church. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder Jensen's comment

As missionaries we don't always see the good we do. This talk shows that good deeds, coupled with future events, sometimes become factors of conversion. We should not be weary in well doing. Please print her talk. It may help a discouraged missionary or member that has not seen results from the good they have done. 

Now Hollie is a counselor in the primary presidency. She and her husband are working toward being sealed in the temple in November, a year after she was baptized.