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27 June Sunday

Did I mention that Ghana defeated the US soccer team last evening? We heard it all around our home. Lots of yelling, drums, horns, . . . you get the picture. At least it was in overtime. I told many of our friends here that Ann and I could not lose. US wins, we win. Ghana wins, same. Can't lose. 

On Saturday evening at our district presidency meeting Ann made us some treats.  I took a picture of president Ohene in his office with the treats on his desk.  It was  a real surprise to have treats at this meeting. 

We are getting around to several branches meetings each Sunday to have the young women try on their newly made dresses and pin their names on the ones that fit them. Then we move on to another branch. Went to four branches today. The first one, Koforidua, I spoke, again. Can't seem to get out of that one but it is alright.

It wears Ann out as she is really working to measure and fit many young girls. Everyone is getting excited to find the dress that fits. They are all in the tradition of pioneer dresses. I took several pictures, including one of a very young girl with a bonnet on her head. She wanted to be part of the program too. 

Elder Frimpong, from Ho, called again and asked us to come on Wednesday to do that interview he postponed last week. President Smith said that I will be doing interviews in Ho, now. We are doing more and more traveling as time goes on. 

We had two young men come over to say good-bye. They have been here for two months, and are MBA students from BYU. It has been fun to get to know them. I think they have really enjoyed their stay here. Both are returned missionaries. One is married the other single. They are taking some dolls back to Utah for us. 

28 June Monday

This morning the mission president asked us to bring one of our missionaries down to Accra as they had sent one of the office elders home early ( not obedient) and wanted our elder to replace the one who was sent home. That leaves a threesome in the apartment to cover two proselyting areas. 

Our missionary had washed his clothes and they were still wet so I went over to their apartment, picked up his wash and brought it back to us to put in our dryer. In one and one hours we went back, picked him up and started for Accra. We did not pick up anyone to replace our elder. 

Ann wanted to visit the cultural center in Accra to look at some wood carvings. It took a little to find but we did so after doubling back. Upon entering several traders came to show us their wares. Ann had the name of one particular man to find and they took us there. We had to wind around several small shops to get there and he was not home. When other traders wanted our attention I told them that Ann was the buyer and leave me alone. As it turned out, Ann did not appreciate this. REALLY DID NOT APPRECIATE IT AT ALL. She did buy from three shops and we left. Whew! We will return sometime to find others items before we come home for good. 

That took up most of our day and we came home. We do like to just drive around here. An adventure every time. 

29 June Tuesday

Ann attended our missionary weekly district meeting while I went into the computer room to try and find out why we cannot modem to the church. After talking with three individuals the last one did seem to know how to fix it. It has been this way for over three weeks and the branches use the same modem to send/receive their weekly donations and such. I was told to leave the computer on and did so. We left. Later that evening I returned to see if anything had changed and tried to connect and walla! It is upgrading the software so I left it again and told our district IT man what was happening as we will travel to Ho tomorrow to do the interview that was postponed last week. 

30 June Wednesday

Our trip to Ho was good. Now that we know the way we can just relax and enjoy the drive. After a two and one half hour drive we arrived and phoned the district leader to set up the place and time for interviews. He said that since it was eleven o'clock we should just visit with the Jorgensens until noon and call him back. This we did.

I interviewed two candidates. One was a young woman about 22 years old. The other was a young man about 21 years old. He said he was going to school to become a mechanical engineer. When I pursued that it turns out he was just beginning his education. He had a girl friend, a young woman from Kaysville, Utah. She had come here to do some work at an orphanage some months ago and met this young man. She went home and returned to follow up a courtship. He was now getting baptized and she seemed to be “mothering” him into the church and life. 

In both individuals, their parents were living, but apart. “For employment” the young man told me. This is way to prevalent in West Africa, parents living apart while raising their children. 

We come back to Jorgensens apartment, ate lunch, and started back home. On the way we were passing a motorcyclist when a small flatbed truck passed us. It would have been alright but there was oncoming traffic so he turned into us before completing the pass. I had to serve to avoid missing him. It surely was heart stopping. I can only say that the Lord protected us. 

1 July Thursday

Sister Joyce Ohene accompanied us to Accra for a meeting with the leadership to go over the program “A Mighty Change”. She is the music director and the district presidents wife. Ann is the costume director. Eric Owusu is the overall coordinator for our district and was there as well. 

About half the attendance came late so we started one half hour later. There is a lot to go over and questions galore. The area has been withholding some of the LUBA all year to pay for this production. It will be like a pageant in the US. We look forward to the performance on August 28, the last Saturday in August.

After the meeting, we took sister Ohene and went to lunch at our favorite, Nobel House. I ate too much, as usual. It was very good, however. Can't do that too many times. 

2 July Friday

Each six weeks we inspect the elders apartments. This seemed like a good day to go to Suhum and Asamankese and do just that. Elder Stout had Ann find fabric and hire someone to sew an outfit for his mom. He will be returning in three weeks. We delivered it too elder Stout and it looks nice. 

A few days ago, the mission president called and asked us to contact the area office legal counsel to follow up on a possible visit to some Americans who were being held in prison in Nswam. When we called he told us that they had discussed it with president Golden and received approval. The Ghanaian US Embassy was the instigator for this action. We were told to just go there and see if the officials would let us in and see how the prisoners were doing. No preconceptions. 

When we traveled to Nswam and found the prison they told us that we needed a document from their headquarters in Accra to proceed. So we continued to Accra to find this person to give us permission. The official told us that since we were not from Ghana we would have to go to the Foreign Ministries to start the process. I called attorney for the church, Keith Thompson, and told him what we did. He said he would send an email to the US Consulate describing what had happened including a copy to us. Since we did not continue we are now awaiting communication from them. What a run around but it is their procedure. They did give us a brochure showing the process. Interesting, the whole prison system. 

We expect to get permission some time soon and follow up. It brings to mind the admonition in the book of Matthew where in says “you visited me in prison”. Ann is a little nervous. I see another adventure in our missionary service. 

Ann took some pictures of a child doing his homework next to the street.  On the way to Accra we say this building under construction that had bamboo poles to hold up the floors until the cement dries.  Quite common in West Africa. 

Love, Elder and Sister Cranney