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Why and How to Pray



Note: This is from my E-Library. Please feel free to change and modify this as you are inspired to do so. Please don't use it without praying about it.

Why and How to Pray 

We pray because we know little and God knows much. We pray because God loves us.

We can trust in His love. He will not deceive us.

Over 1,000,000 books are published each year in the world. How many of those books can any one person read? Very few. It is impossible for any one person, no matter how intelligent, to know even 1% of the worldfs total knowledge.

God is the creator of this earth and the universe. He knows all things. He made this incredible earth because He loves us individually.  

If we want to know if God lives, we can ask Him. If we want to know if God loves us, we can ask him. If we want to know if we are Godfs son or daughter, we can ask him.

Rosemary Wixom asked Him when she was very young. Here is her report.

"I remember one time praying and asking Heavenly Father — am I really a daughter of God? Am I really your daughter? And I felt such love just flood over me," she said. "I still do that occasionally, because to me, that validates who we are. We never grow tired of hearing or feeling that we are loved, especially by Him."

Saying the words of prayer is not difficult. Praying with a sincere heart, with a true desire to know can be more difficult.

There are no set words for a prayer. God hears our prayers even if they are only a yearning in our hearts.

Here are some simple words to start with.

hHeavenly Father, thank you for listening to me. I want to know if you are really there. Please help me know. Thank you. Amenh or if it feels right, gIn the name of Jesus Christ.h

We can pray about many things.

We can inquire, gDo you know me?h gDo you love me?h

We can explain. gI am confused.h  gI am trying to understand the Book of Mormon. It is difficult for me.h

We can ask for help. gMy mother is sick, please help her feel better.h  gI feel lonely. Please help me feel your love for me.h  gPlease help me forgive my co-worker.h

gPlease help me to know if Jesus Christ is thy Son.h  gPlease help me to know what to pray for.h We can also pray for other people we know and love. God loves them, too.

God most often answers our prayers by speaking peace to us. The voice of God is usually something we feel rather than hear.  We feel His love for us. We feel peace about a decision. We understand what we should do.

We can trust in Godfs love for us and pray without fear of displeasing Him. He knows our names, our sorrows and our joys. He yearns to hear our prayers..

Please go ahead. If you havenft already, please offer your first prayer. God is waiting to hear your prayer.

We pray for you. Since we all need Godfs help, will you please also pray for us?