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Member Missionary Damon Bahr (Excerpt from a a BYU Devotional Talk on 15 November 2011)

A few years ago we would regularly receive on our home phone a number of sales or solicitation calls. I remember answering three of those calls in one day. at the conclusion of the third call I placed the phone on the receiver rather energetically and remarked to my wife that if salespeople were going to interrupt me on a regular basis, I was going to teach them the gospel.

A few days later I answered a sales call and thought, gOkay, here we go.h After politely declining the sales offer, I said, gI would like to ask you a question. Do you believe in Jesus Christ?h

The saleswoman replied, gWhy, yes, I do.h

I then asked, ghave you ever heard of the visit of Jesus Christ to America after His death and resurrection in Jerusalem?h


gWell, 600 years before His birth, God directed a small group of people to leave Jerusalem and travel to the Western Hemisphere. These people were taught by prophets whose words were written on gold plates. Their words have been translated in our time in what we now know as the Book of Mormon, and this record describes the visit of Christ to them.h

She said, gThat is the most wonderful thing I have ever heard.h

A few days later I got another call. Ifm on a roll!

After the initial sales pitch, I replied, gI donft really want what you are trying to sell me, but I would like to ask you a question. Do you believe in Jesus Christ?h

The salesman replied, gNo, Ifm a Muslim, and besides, I am not supposed to talk about personal things, so I better hang up.h

I said, gBefore you do, let me say one thing. Do you have a family?h


gDo you care about them?h

gYes, of course.h

gBefore you hang up, I want you to know that I may be the only person you will ever talk to who can tell you how you can have your family after you die.h

He replied, gWhatfs that?h

I said, gI thought you said you had to hang up.h

gOh, no, I want to hear about this.h  

Sometimes you get a little surprise in these kinds of situations. A saleslady gave me her spiel, and then I asked her if she believed in Christ and knew of His visit to America. She replied, gYes, I read the Book of Mormon every day with my family. Ifm an LDS mom in Las Vegas.h


Sometimes you can wonder if your offers to be a catcher are ever hitting home. Upon graduation Kim and I packed up our belongings and our new little baby—who is now thirty-two years old—and headed for St. George, Utah, where I began my teaching career. We lived next door to Trish and her husband, Al.  

Trish wasnft a member of the Church, and Al was a member but didnft attend very often.  

We tried to do all the things a good neighbor does—plates of cookies, Christmas greetings, all that sort of thing—but we never received much reciprocation.


One day, out of the blue, I suggested to Kim that we purchase a gift subscription to the Ensign for Trish and Al. She is used to crazy suggestions from me, so she agreed.


A few months later, while riding my bike home from work, I noticed Trish was standing outside our home looking right at me with a sort of intense look.

I thought, gThis is unusual.h

I stopped to greet her, and she asked, hAre you the one who sent us the Ensign?h

I thought, gUh oh, Ifm in trouble now,h and I meekly replied, gUh . . . yeah.h Howfs that for being bold?

She said, gI want to thank you for sending it to us, and I have one question for you. Would you mind coming to my home and teaching me about your church?h

I baptized Trish three weeks later.