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Note: We have changed the format of the Purpose of Life Presentation to share with potential investigators. Any of you who wish to use the text, may substitute pictures and text as you wish. Since God loves all of His children, He will guide you.  


Before being born into this world

Before being born on the earth, where was I? Everyone has wondered about this at least once.

Your life did not begin on the day of your birth, nor will it end when you die.

The Purpose of Life, What is it?

There are many wonderful purposes,

First,  Soft,  Warm

Touch your cheeks. Warm and soft, right? Your body you can feel with your fingertips, your physical body can do so many things. You canft get one unless you come to this world.

Getting a body, this is one purpose (of life).

Second, To learn

That΄s right, to learn. But not just from study at school. 

To learn from our experiences

Life is a succession of happenings. We learn from these experiences.

What happened to us as children we never forget. As adults too, we have a variety of experiences, donft we?

Good experiences

Not just waiting for things to happen, but on our own, we can seek good experiences.

Doing something for someone else. That is a great experience, isnft it?

Third, Family

Also, Being born into a family, becoming a family member.

Well, of course, but this is an essential experience.

 With our families

Loving each other, when things go wrong, making them right.

Managing a home is one of lifefs most important experiences.

Earth = School

One could say, Earth life is a school.

Then Returning To Heaven

There is the purpose of returning to the presence of God in Heaven.

gWhat! Not going to heaven, but returning to heaven?h You may be wondering.

Before we were born on earth

Each of us before being born on earth was an individual person.

We lived in a place called, gHeaven.h

With God

There we lived with the being called gGod.h

He is a very gentle and kind person.

God loves us deeply.

The reason why we have so many beautiful things on the earth is because God loves people.

It was for Us

For our growth, God made a plan.

The plan was to make a school called earth, with a brief separation from heaven, to obtain a body and to learn upon the earth.

Having had many experiencesc

Coming from Heaven, born upon the earth, we have experiences, and finally life ends.

That is why, when we leave earth, we return.

Death, it is just a transition point.

It appears that life ends at death,

However, in Godfs plan, death is nothing more than a transition point.

It is not the end, it is a step forward.

When earth life ends, then what?

After death also, people are people, you are yourself. You will not change.

It is not the end.

Even though our body becomes ashes, life does not end. We take the next step forward.

After death, we will look back on our lives and think about what kind of persons we were on earth.

Reporting to Godc

We will be reporting to God on how much we have grown from our experience on earth.

Looking to God

When people have difficulties they cannot overcome with their own power, many naturally pray, donft they?

If there is God to hear those prayers, what a wonderful thing!


Does God listen to our prayers? Does he answer our prayers?

How can we know?

In a quiet grove

Some 180 years ago, in the early springtime, a 14-year-old American boy, alone, prayed to God in a grove of trees.

He had something to ask God.

He felt certain

The boy believed gGod would certainly answer his prayer.h


As the boy prayed, a pillar of light came down from Heaven

Within the light were God and Jesus Christ.

God responds to prayer

The boy knew that God and Jesus Christ had heard his prayer.

Because he is gracious, God responds to prayers from the heart. 

Many people

Numerous people who have prayed with all their hearts are convinced that God lives.

Liberally, to all men

In the Bible, we find, gc.let him ask of God that giveth to all men liberally.h

iNew Testament, Epistle of James 1:5j

All things speak

The Book of Mormon states that everything in the natural world is evidence there is a God. g..all things denote there is a Godch

Things created by God

 gyea, even the earth, and all things that are on the face of it, yea, and its motion, yea, and also all the planets that move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator.h (Alma 30:44)

What about God?

Have you wondered, gWhat is the connection between me and God?h

What kind of a being is God and what is our relationship to Him?

Heavenly Father

God is the father of your spirit.

People are the children of God

Before we were born on this earth, we lived in a place called gHeaven.h

In heaven, God created us. He is the father of our spirits. 

Fatherfs Love

Therefore, God loves us above all else.

If you are shedding tears from sadness, God strongly desires to reach out his hands to you.

God knows us well

He knows each of our names.

 Our dreams, also

He knows our dreams, our hopes, our difficulties and our sadness,

He loves us and yearns to help us.


God expects us to finish our earthly studies successfully and to grow significantly (in so doing).


Those who complete an upright life will return to Godfs presence. The End

This Purpose of Life presentation was originally written in Japanese by Brother Masami Ikeda in 2004. Elder Wade W. Fillmore, then a full-time senior missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Tokyo translated it into English.

This picture of Elder Fillmore and his wife Joanne is from the fall of 2011 when they were serving their second mission in Japan.

If you felt the truths of this presentation, please pray God about what to do next. If you have a question about praying, please consider this quotation for a talk by Elder Devn Cornish.

Prayer is one of the most precious gifts of God to man. 

My beloved sisters and brothers, God our Father is not a feeling or an idea or a force. He is a holy person who, as the scriptures teach, has a face and hands and a glorious immortal body. He is real, He knows each of us individually, and He loves us, every one. He wants to bless us.Jesus said:

gOr what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone?

gOr if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent?

gIf ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?h (Matthew 7:9–11).

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